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The Plan

Locker Soccer Academy & Locker Elite are the two entities to our business model.  Simply put, the Academy focuses on Child Development and works with children starting at age 2.  That work progresses up through the elementary school ages.  Our Elite program is our Club Team entity that forms teams for children and competes in the Under 8 (U8) through U19 age groups.

The programs were developed in conjunction with the LSA Advisory Board - a group of highly accredited, early childhood development and behavioral specialists, soccer professionals, and most importantly, parents like yourselves.

Our Academy’s mission is to provide a dynamic environment where children can develop soccer skills, social skills, coordination, confidence, and self-esteem, all while having FUN!

The programs at Locker Soccer span a broad range of ages and abilities. Many of the children that are in our program have been with us since age two. Session after session, year after year, parents watch with amazement as their children not only evolve their abilities on the soccer field, but watch them increase their confidence and grow their passion. We attribute this growth to having a very experienced staff and an approach to learning that starts with making sure kids have fun as they continue to succeed. In the end, continued participation is key, be it in soccer or anything else in life. If your child is enjoying it, they will continue to play.
Steve Locker’s book, Playing For The Long Run, and the 40,000+ children who have attended our programs speak volumes about the success of this endeavor.

Factors of Change

Young children don’t always express discomfort and stress in the same way as adults, but interruptions in their daily routines and access to resources like education, care and athletic activities during the pandemic all took a toll on their psychological well-being — increasing their risk of developmental delays and health issues. As parents, teachers, and coaches looked for ways to bring children vital social interaction and mental stimulation during distancing, every outlet had to be reimagined.  It is these factors that shaped the foundation and the curriculum for Locker Elite.

Unlike any sports club in the United States, Locker Elite is broadening its foundation to include offerings that will help children transition from the pandemic, and begin to heal through sports participation in a thoughtful and supportive environment.  We have an opportunity to shepherd in new approaches that address the need for more impactful socialization, wellness and mental health.

Emphasizing the family and close personal relationships as central themes, every aspect of our Academy, from the design of our new indoor facility and the layout of the new outdoor turf fields, captures the essence of what Locker Soccer Academy can do for children and families.

The Differences

We start by asking questions:  What kind of adults do we want our children to grow into?  What motivates kids to stay in sports?  How do we develop passion?  These basic questions and the common sense answers to them, should be the guiding principles that we follow in navigating youth sports.
Our club leadership is steeped in integrity.  It is our coaching education and mentorship programs that separate us, our ability to provide sensible parent education, and the commitment to providing coaches that parents will love at all levels. These differences will elevate Locker Elite to the same high regard that Locker Soccer Academy enjoys in our community today.

We will celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and a fun approach to all aspects of our programming. Our Friday night jamborees will be an exercise in bringing together players from all parts of Columbus for our FREE Pick Up play.  We will offer a partnership with the Hilltop Tigers Soccer Club, and players from all clubs will be welcomed to join us for a fun night of pick up play.  It is this stress-free environment which allows children to create, explore and take risks that leads to high levels and rapid development of passion.

We will have support teams for Wellness & Mental Health in the form of Nutrition & Health Coaching, Yoga Classes, Chiropractic and Rehab, Strength & Conditioning, Counseling & Parental Resources.

Our Leadership Council will feature a representative, both parental & player, from every team.  These groups will meet every month with our Leadership staff and discuss all matters pertaining to their respective teams.  This will be an incredible mechanism for children to learn and practice leadership skills at a young age.

R-Neuroplus is the brainchild of Bruno Demichelis, the former team psychologist to AC Milan and Chelsea Football club.  We are partnered with Bruno and his program to offer every player the opportunity to explore the benefits of Sports Psychology and how it can help facilitate their development in ways never imagined.  We will be the first organization in the United States to offer this program, which is used widely throughout Europe at all level in many sports.

Our friendships throughout Europe will provide us the opportunity to continue our “once-in-a-lifetime” trips that many of our families have already enjoyed.  These relationships will also provide our coaching staff the opportunity to learn from some of the best soccer minds in Europe.

It all adds up to the most unique soccer playing experiences offered anywhere.

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