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Locker Elite is Growing! Come Join Us

Locker Elite is Growing! Come Join Us

Why Choose Locker Elite?

Director Steve Locker has the leadership and experience that is unequaled anywhere in the United States. With 19 years as a college coach (sixteen as a Head Coach), Steve has won 8 League Championships, including two Ivy League titles while the Head Coach (7 years) at Harvard University. With his
Locker Soccer Academy, he has seen over 45,000 children go through his programs.

No one understands the developmental process quite like the Locker Soccer Academy. Interestingly, Steve has produced several players drafted in the first round of the MLS draft, and many others who have gone on to play in Europe. More recently, he has had huge success while coaching high school aged girls, with many going on to play in college. Not only has Steve seen many of his players enter the college ranks, but they are all achieving great success at their respective schools.

The Player

Parents tell us all of the time......."my kid comes running into the house after school and asks if today is soccer practice?" They are having fun and developing a love & passion that is critical if they are to stay in the game and go from level to level.

Our players perform in a highly positive and ethical environment. Not many clubs can make this claim. While being the first American to earn a professional coaching diploma in Germany, Steve will be the first to admit that coaching is overrated.

It’s Steve’s experience that allows him to create the right environment that has kids dong what they enjoy the most....playing. By controlling the environment, Steve insures that they are learning while having fun.

The Parents

While many coaches will tell parents NOT to coach from the sidelines, Steve will take that advice a step further and explain “WHY” you don’t want to coach them during their play. One of the greatest attributes of soccer is that it is a game with little or no coaching. The players are constantly making their own decisions and this is part of the great beauty of the game.

As parents, we naturally want our children to succeed, so we cheer them on. The problem rapidly becomes one where we end up telling them what to do when they are playing. We say things like, “kick it”, “shoot it” or “pass it”. When presented with the reality that this kind of shouting is robbing our children of making their own decision, we quickly realize the detriment that we are causing. Allow your child to make mistakes with no ramifications from you. This is extremely powerful. And NEVER....EVER dissect the game on the car ride home.

Locker Elite also believes that you don’t need to travel on weekends and stay in hotels for your children to find good competition. There is plenty of competition right here in Central Ohio. Save your money and enjoy your family time together. If you’re a parent looking to do a lot of travel, Locker Elite is probably not for you.

The Coaches

At Locker Elite, we are happy to have Parent Coaches help us with our younger age groups. As kids approach high school age, we offer some of the best professional coaches around. Steve’s vast network of top quality coaches is unsurpassed.

Coaches in our organization are held to extremely high standards. They are not yellers and screamers. Our responsibility in our club is to develop ALL players.

All Players will play, where the focus is on development, not game results. While winning championships is an important part of the college game, it is entirely different with developing young players. Coach Steve sees his top responsibility as growing confidence in young children.

If you are a coach who yells and screams, recruits players from other teams to satisfy your ego by placing winning ahead of player development, Locker Elite is not the program for you.

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